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Kickstarter Kthursday #5: New Geeks & Urban Zombies

Geek a Week Season 4 cards

We start off this week’s exploration of cool Kickstarters with some guy named Len Peralta. I dunno, the name rings a bell. He’s launching his fourth season of his wickedly successful trading card series, Geek a Week. Included in this new eight card run are Need Coffee poet laureate Ernie Cline and comic god Roy Thomas. Nice. Also with this round, you have the opportunity to get in on the action–one of the reward levels includes you becoming part of the limited edition Fan Set. For full details, check out the Kickstarter page. Len’s vid is below.


And of course, the official site for all this madness can be found here.

When hunting through the Games section of Kickstarter, it does take a bit to catch my eye. After all, I have so little time to play games. However, Urban Zombie went for the undead angle and so I sat up and paid attention. The fact that you can blow away zombies in your real environment through the game on your phone…well, they’re basically just making a game out of what I do when I’m bored in public places anyway. Check out the vid.

Now, you might have quickly picked up on the one drawback to gameplay: standing in public and wheeling around like a maniac. You are inevitably going to smack into somebody or you’re going to do that thrust-your-phone-forward motion demonstrated multiple times in the vid and wind up punching somebody in the face. Although the idea of planting zombies in places where your friends can find them: that could get evil. I can just see somebody leaving me sixty zombies. In my kitchen. Between me and my coffee. Yes, I have friends like that. Anyway, their Kickstarter can be found here.