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Music Monday: Atlas, Reverend Peyton, Eyes Lips Eyes & More…

Atlas (band)

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Okay, it’s no secret that I’m a sucker for horns. And one of the songs that’s been on massive repeats on Spotify for me has been Deadmau5’s “Raise Your Weapon.” Put the two together, as the San Francisco band Atlas has done, and you get a respectable bucket of win. Apparently the band’s schtick is to cover tracks from the electronic genre with their own style of rock. And that works for me.

You can get the sound file for this here. And you can find them on Facebook here.

So Rob told me that I should seek out Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. When I asked why, he said they were “sort of Black Joe Lewis-y & Horton Heat-ish.” And that’s not a bad description. Here’s a lovely little jam from Rob’s stomping grounds at KDHX.

You can find their music on Amazon here.

And here’s Eyes Lips Eyes with a live version of “Tickle,” which is hitting via an EP release on August 21st.

I find the lead singer’s enthusiasm to be frankly exhausting. The studio track version is available for free download here. And the EP What You Want (If You Want) is hitting August 21st. You can snag it from Amazon here.

Next we have “Let This Body Go,” by Death Songs. The guy behind it all is Nick Delffs, and he says “I called it Death Songs because there’s always that possibility that the next song I write would be my last.” Well, I should have named my company Death Sandwiches, I guess. Which is a great name for a band (but I’m not doing those anymore). Anyway, a festive outing that Rox would appreciate suddenly turns into some sort of weird ritual of dancing. Or maybe they were just trying to stay warm. No idea. Anyway, here tis:

It’s available from Amazon here or you can snag the Post-Consumer Label Sampler (which has a different Death Songs song on it) here.

So one of my favorite finds of recent years has been the song “Time Baby II” by Medicine. You might be more familiar with “Time Baby III,” which was on The Crow soundtrack. (And the band played the song in the film as well.) I actually prefer the II version. But through the magic of Spotify, I decided to see what else I could find: and ran across the 2003 second version of the band featuring original head burrito Brad Laner and Shannon Lee. The album’s Mechanical Forces of Love. It took me a bit before I realized that Lee is the daughter of Bruce Lee. Yeah, holy crap. Anyway, this video is…not great. But the song, “I Smile To My Eyes,” is pretty fantastic. So is the entire album.

You can find the album here. The CD’s actually cheaper than the MP3 download. So.

Here we have The Midnight Beast. I have very little knowledge of what’s up with this other than the song is called “I Kicked a Shark in the Face,” and I’m convinced it’s Siege’s new theme song.

Alas, the album is available only as an import, so it’s pricey. So Spotify is a nice alternative.