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Kickstarter Kthursday #1: Skinnees, Jackets and That Guy

2 Skinnee Js

What is Kickstarter Kthursday? Well, having recently wrapped up my first Kickstarter, I realize the addictive and awesome crowdfunding power that the service conveys. And I wanted to be able to help others realize awesome dreams that, admittedly, I want to see happen because their ideas are pretty badass. And obviously, there is no day of the week that starts with a K. So we’ve borrowed from Ectoplasmosis’ Cthulhu Cthursday, we’ve decided that sticking consonants onto days where they don’t belong is sometimes necessary.

So let’s begin, shall we?

First up, in case the picture didn’t give it away: 2 Skinnee J’s, the nerdcore rap group that has been destroying my mind since I first was provided a copy of their Sing, Earthboy, Sing! EP by our very own Doc Ezra. They put out a few albums, an immense career-spanning boxed set, loads of ridiculously awesome swag, then spent some time in an alternate dimension fighting Ragnarok over and over again. They have returned to our universe in a state of semi-reunion, spotted playing every so often in the northeastern U.S. Now they’ve launched a Kickstarter to record a live DVD of an upcoming Brooklyn concert.

I have had the privilege of seeing 2 Skinnee live once here in Atlanta. Their shows are epic. And hopefully if this Kickstarter works, we can convince them with money to keep playing. I have stated before how their manager, A.J. “Stumpy” Johnson was all that was standing between us and a worldwide economic depression…and once he semi-retired, well, see what happened. Here’s their Kickstarter vid:

You can find their Kickstarter here. And how many other Kickstarters offer a “Virtual Cyber-Ass Smack”? Not many.

Next up, Out of Print (who we’ve mentioned before), the people that bring you awesome book cover art as t-shirts, have decided to bring their book cover art and turn them into eBook Jackets. That sounds incredibly lame on its surface, until you see just how ridiculously badass this original cover art is. They show some in the vid below, but check out their products to see them when, you know, they’re not moving. And I own their Fahrenheit 451 shirt so I can vouch for how cool their stuff is. Check out their vid:

They’re already well funded, but they do offer swag and the ability to pre-order the jackets. So here you go.

And last but not least, a docu about the biggest character actor on the planet, Dick Miller. This vid is so good, it says it better than I possibly could (which speaks well about how awesome the inevitable docu is going to be). But as the vid points out then illustrates, You Know Dick Miller. Watch:

The only thing that makes me cry about this Kickstarter is that I would have paid a helluva lot more than $40 to get a signed read-along Gremlins book. No lie. Check out the Kickstarter here.

Got a Kickstarter you want to submit for us to peruse? Do it. Leave a comment on this page (I’ll see it in moderation and accept a submission that one) or email me. I’m easy to find.