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Starbucks Mug Goes For Several Car Payments on eBay

Starbucks prototype mug from 1994

This is pretty amazing. A prototype Starbucks mug from 1994 just sold on eBay for $1283.65.

A mug. A coffee mug. Even the coffee that they pull out of poop and sell for an incredible markup doesn’t seem like it would be “good enough” to drink out of a $1200 mug.

Here’s a bit of the description:

The Starbucks Portland 1994 style mugs that were available to the public for sale featured a Red Rose. This mug is possibly one of a kind and the only one in existence. The bottom of the mug is blank (it is a prototype). This mug is in excellent condition. It is the prized mug of my Starbucks mug collection, the Holy Grail if you will.

The Holy Grail of coffee mugs? I just have this image in my mind of the Starbucks version of the Knights Templar, questing out to find this thing now that it’s sold.

Found via Starbucks Gossip.

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