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Mitzi Mozzarella and the Rock-afire Explosion Have Sploded My Inner Child

Rock-a-Fire Explosion

Showbiz Pizza Place, back in the day, was the stuff of kid legends. Imagine being a kid and knowing there was this place where you could get not just pizza, but also tokens–these magical talismans that were used to play video games. And, oh, the games. Games by the score. They had the sit-down Star Wars arcade game, the sit-down Spy Hunter game…they even had Skee-Ball and other ways to spend hundred of dollars and win two million tickets so you could, in turn, trade them all in for a spider-ring.

There was also a band comprised entirely of animatronic robots. This was the Rock-afire Explosion. And even if you were too old to really appreciate a bunch of anthropomorphic animals playing along to a tape of classic rock, you could at least understand that they were robots. Robots automatically equal cool. And the 80s tech was cool just on its own.

But what we never could have dreamed possible has come to pass: a guy has an entire Rock-afire Explosion setup and is re-programming the robots to sing along to anything he wants. Like this:

The synch is pretty good, the drummer is in time, hell the lighting is stellar. It’s just…mind-blowing. More, please.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via MetaFilter.