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DragonCon 2007

We know. It’s been on your mind.

What, you’ve asked, is Need Coffee planning for Dragon Con 2007?

We’re kicking it old school this year with a variety of panels for X-Track and (drum roll, please) Brit Track. Guests are listed for each panel (the track’s in bold).

FRIDAY August 31, 2007

2:30pm Casino Royale: The Verdict
(featuring Tuffley, Doc, Service-BRIT)

4:00pm Need Coffee VS. Doctor Who
(featuring Tuffley, Scott, Rob, Doc, Din- BRIT)

7:00pm Make the Bad Men Stop
(Tuffley, Scott, Rob, Doc, Din, Service- X)

8:00pm Lost: A Fan Guided Tour

SATURDAY September 1, 2007

2:30pm British Comics
(Tuffley- BRIT)

4:30pm Need Coffee VS Torchwood
(Tuffley, Scott,& Rob-BRIT)

SUNDAY September 2, 2007

11:30am Ask The Boffins: The Science of British Sci Fi
(Scott + Bob and various – BRIT)

7:00pm Life On Mars
(Tuffley –BRIT)

MONDAY September 3, 2007

2:30pm They did WHAT to my favorite book?!?!(aka: Bad Men: The Completely Literary Edition)
(Tuffley, Scott, Rob, Doc, Din- X)

Please note that listed times, places, and temperaments of the participants are TENTATIVE and subject to change. So, there you have it. If you’re coming to Dragon Con- come by and support.