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Ratatouille Now Available For Pre-Order From Amazon

Ratatouille Pixar Short Films Collection DVD cover art Jungle Book Platinum Edition DVD cover art

Yes, the latest from Pixar and Chazzie award-winning director Brad Bird is now available for order. Granted, it looks to be another nearly bare bones release like Cars, but still…it’s Pixar. That hits November 6th. You can order that from Amazon here.

Also, when poking at that I found that they’re releasing a new Pixar shorts collection on the same day. It’s supposed to have “never before seen footage,” but my advice to you is: if you don’t already own stuff like “Tin Toy” and the original “Luxo Jr.” on DVD, then you need it. Definitely. Snag it from Amazon here.

And then I saw that The Jungle Book Platinum DVD was available for pre-order too. So I knew I had to tell you about that. Disney Platinum discs are very, very nice. So that’s worth grabbing from Amazon.

And last but not least, even though there’s no cover art on Amazon yet, they’ve got the three newest Disney Treasures titles. Listen to me now and hear me later: you must own the Disney Treasures titles. I don’t know how many times I’ve told you this. But you must. They are badass archival bits that any Disney or just flat out animation fiend needs.

The three titles they have coming up are:

Anyway, I bring all of this up because the pre-order prices are sometimes tastier than the regular prices. So if you’re looking at Xmas shopping, jump on it. And, as always, we get kickbacks when you order through us. Everybody happy.