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Warriors: The New Prophecy, Vol. 4: Starlight Audiobook Review

Warriors: The New Prophecy, Vol. 4: Starlight cover art

Starlight is the fourth book in the Warriors: The New Prophecy series by Erin Hunter. One of the things that has made Hunter’s series so interesting is that, while she obviously loves and understands animals, she does not idealize or romanticize them. Nature is red in tooth and claw in her books, which might cause readers (or listeners) who want happy, cutesy animal stories to shy away. However, if you want your animal protagonists to be truly anthropomorphic-–not wearing pants, mind you, but having selfishness, a desire for power, cruelty, etc.–then Hunter is right up your ally. If you haven’t read or listened to any of the stories before this one, you must go back and do so, or this one will leave you frustrated and confused.

In this volume, the Clans have arrived finally in their new home, but all is not well. Not only must they very quickly identify a new sacred Moonstone for recording medicinal ideas and communing with the StarClan, but certain cats among them have plans for conquest and power that do not take the health or wellbeing of the others into consideration. There are also many one dangers to understand how to survive. It’s political and interpersonal intrigue at its best, but usually not pretty.

Nanette Savard does an excellent job with the reading: she portrays many and varied characters extremely well–you can hear the difference between them and between their emotional states. In addition, the few tongue-twisting names do not break her narrative strive. The sound quality itself is also very good. She builds tension by understanding the tension inherent in the text itself and by giving voice to many radically different characters in differing situations.

This would be perfect for a walking exercise program or becoming absorbed in something while on the treadmill to make you forget you’re exercising.

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