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Trick or Treat at Threadless

Threadless: Derby of the Damned

Threadless has introduced two lovely new Halloween-themed shirts (and reprinted another), so if you want to snag any of these before Halloween, best get on it.

First up is the partially pictured “Derby of the Damned,” which brings forth the notion of Rollergirls vs. the Living Dead, which is about the only way that you could get me to watch that show. Then there’s a shirt which turns your torso into a pumpkin, which if you’re as large as I am means that you are officially your neighborhood Great Pumpkin. Good thing I don’t wear orange. Lastly, there’s a reprint of “Imposter,” which is sort of like Oingo Boingo‘s “Dead Man’s Party,” just very understated.

More shirt goodness can be found at Threadless.