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Back Cloakie


Okay, so the competition is heating up between the legions of Doc Hammer and the armies of Paul and Storm as “Battle of the Western Theme Songs” begins to throttle it up. The musical smack talk is at an all-time high.

But we’re not here to talk about the Masters of Song Fu. We couldn’t back any of the Masters. At least not pubically and certainly not without repercussions.

No, we’re here to send out an appeal for the Challengers competition. And we humbly ask you to BACK CLOAKIE.

Why should you give your hard-earned Song Fu vote to Cloakie? Our argument is thus:

Cloakie’s theme song (listen to it!) posits that: 1) He is a zombie. B) He is a spy. III) He kills Nazis.

And he does all of this for you. There is nothing about this that does not rock. So surely if Cloakie can shamble forth for truth, justice and Nazi brains on a stick so you can sleep safe in your beds at night, you can click through, scroll to the bottom and vote for him. Thank you.