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Headsup: Summer Threadless Sale

Giraffes United Against Ceiling Fans

Now through June 8th, Threadless has shirts for as low as $10. I alert you to this because I’m sending out cool Threadless shirt links to people all the time–but they’re watching their wallets (wisely, he added, at the risk of an overpowering bit of alliteration). So now’s your chance to stock up for birthdays or even look ahead to Xmas, which will sadly be here before you know it. Also–these shirts make great gifts for little kids. You know, when you’re not buying the kids books. Or in addition to the books. Full sale info here.


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  • 国内也有人在模仿threadless的模式,做的比较好的是一个叫swstee的网站,不过刚刚开始内容还不多,但功能很强大。其他好像都是样子学过来了,功能没有学到。