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Even Crazier Blu-Ray Amazon Deals

Blu-Ray makeup by Cargo

Okay, you remember how we told you that the five-disc Blade Runner set was going for $28 and we thought that was completely mental?

We retract that. This is now mental: $20. The full five-disc set which I bought on regular DVD in its limited edition briefcase thingy for $60-something is available on hi-def Blu-Ray for $4 a disc. That’s nuts, folks.

And it’s not just films that you wonder why you would need hi-def for. Like, you know, Gosford Park. “BE BORED TO DEATH IN 1080P!” I’m talking 300, The Fifth Element, and, of course, Dawn of the Dead. Because nothing deserves to be in hi-def more than Crayola-bright spurting red blood.

The full sale is here.

Found via The Bargainist.