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Teller vs. Zombies

You know, you might have already seen this (it was one of the winners in George Romero‘s make your own zombie short film contest) but I hadn’t run across it before.

And considering I read Walking Dead #48 this week, I could really use a light touch with the undead. Sweet Jebus.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Found via Neatorama.

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  • I just got done #48 too maybe five minutes ago…YOW! Robert Kirkman sure knows how to drop a jaw.

    I love tales of celebrities after various apocalypses. Like seeing Tom Petty in the Postman. That was the one good point in the whole thing.

  • Kirkman is a sadistic bastard and a genius. I haven’t been that floored by a comic book in…I don’t know how long. He makes George R. R. Martin look positively forgiving.