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Devout Dolls

Carrie by Sara Lanzillotta

Web Zen clues us in to Devout Dolls, the work of Sara Lanzillotta. Everything from sweet to morbid whimsy to oh, man, that’s not right can be found here.

For sweet, we would point you to the Octobabies. How can you not go awww when you see an octopus wearing a pirate hat? Answer: you cannot. Or if you can, I bet the dogs bark at you when you make your way back to the human resistance underground bunker, if you catch my meaning.

For morbid whimsy, there’s what’s pictured: yes, that’s Carrie White. And it’s the best take on Carrie we’ve seen since somebody made that cake, you remember? It’s not for sale, alas. You can find that in her gallery.

As for…that’s not right that’s not even wrong, we point you to her gallery as well for the “Captured and Studied” line of fairy dolls. If they’re not cute and under bell jars, they’re cute and mounted on a board like a moth. Definitely not Thespia-friendly. You’ve been warned.

And hey! Squid!