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Jolt: Passion Fruit – Drink Review

Jolt: Passion Fruit

Well, frankly, I didn’t even know they had a “passion fruit” variation of Jolt, but I’ve been fond of Jolt since high school, so I figured I’d give it a go. It comes in their 23.5 oz. battery can, which I still get amused by. As for how it tastes…well, it’s got the regular Jolt underpinnings but with the passion fruit taste laid over the top of it instead of the cola taste. You probably could have guessed that without me having to relate it to you, but that’s not the end of it. The fact is it does feel like it’s just laid over the top of it. It’s not necessarily a taste that makes you run for the exits, like something with Splenda in it, for example. But it’s not exactly the sort of drink you’d pine for after it was gone. It’s just…sort of there. Doesn’t do a lot to impress. Perhaps if you’re a big fan of passion fruit, this might crank your tractor more than it did mine. But the taste just simply doesn’t thrill me. It just seems like some sort of generic fake fruity flavor on my tongue.

Speaking of cranking, Energy Fiend (the net authority on such matters), tells us that we’re looking at 220mg of caffeine for this can (which says it contains 3 servings). But I didn’t feel that much of a pickup, even after drinking the whole thing. Granted, even after my stint away from caffeine for medical reasons, I felt no real surge from this at all. Those with less tolerance might have a better time with it.

While I applaud Wet Planet and Jolt for screwing around with flavor experiments, I’d take the original over this any day of the week.


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