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G33k B33r – Drink Review

G33k B33r by Bawls

Okay, so the fact that Bawls decided to launch a caffeinated root beer on April 1st gave me pause…and just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. But sure enough, it exists.

I was expecting one of two things. Either something with a distinct bite or edge to it or something where you could definitely tell you’re drinking a caffeinated root beer. Those of you who partake of a lot of caffeinated bits will know what I mean: you can literally taste the caffeine. (The most pronounced I’ve ever tasted it personally is in one of XTZ’s 250mg chocolates…it’s like caffeine with a slight chocolate aftertaste.)

Instead what I got was a pleasant, mild, smooth root beer. Surprisingly so. I kept waiting for there to be some taste of something that would clue me into the fact I was drinking a caffeinated root beer and…nope, nothing. No weird aftertaste at all.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of details I can go into, since “smooth root beer” pretty much sums it up. But I will say that I found my bottles at a local Micro Center. And even then, you had to look behind all the regular Bawls to find it. Why they don’t have a sign up by the cash register that promotes the stuff, I have no idea. So if you don’t find it at yours, ask. Or of course, you can order it from ThinkGeek.

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