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Headsup: Blu-Ray Deals on Amazon

Blu-Ray Makeup

Hey, folks. Two things. First: Amazon’s got a decent sale on for Blu-Ray discs…I guess this is to celebrate the format war being over and all. Follow this link and you buy two, get a third for free.

But here’s the crazy thing–the first title I see when I go over there? Blade Runner. The five-disc set. On Blu-Ray. For $28. I showed this to Ken and he thinks there has to be a catch. I just think something must be screwed up because the normal price is $40. But it seems to be legit. So my take on it is this: if you think you might want the five-disc set of Blade Runner on Blu-Ray at any time during this life…grab it now before they come to their senses. You can even get Super Saver shipping and so the shipping’s free. Crazy.

And of course, if you take advantage of this deal, we get kickbacks. So thanks in advance!

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