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32 Days of Halloween, Day 11: Halloween

Halloween DVD cover art

Not only is it That Time of Year but Rob Zombie just recently created a remake of this, so anybody who’s surprised that Anchor Bay re-released this thing just needs to have their head examined. It’s perfectly normal, however, to be surprised at what they decided to include. The picture and sound are both great, but the features pale in comparison to the 25th Anniversary Divimax edition that came out four years ago.

Here you have trailer, TV and radio spots, bios, galleries and a documentary, all of which we’ve seen before. The biggest disappearance is the commentary, which had John Carpenter, Jamie Lee Curtis and producer Debra Hill on it.

Also strange is the fact that normally when a company double-dips (or triple or whichever), they let the other versions go out of print. On Amazon, there’s two other versions of Halloween, it seems, still available. Granted, the Divimax version is going for $20 and this is going for $8, but still…you know we’re suckers for features.

Basically, if you are really hurting for cash and you don’t mind a stripped down release, then this will be fine. But for the most part, the 2-disc Divimax is the best edition of this I’ve seen–although there’ve been a few, so I could be missing something.

Below, for Day 11 of our 32 Days of Halloween marathon, is the trailer. Frankly, the trailer is terrible. It might have been effective at the time, but it gives away way too much about various characters getting killed (although none of them would have been surprises). But anyway, here it is:

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