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Well, That Was Fun

Dwight from Sin City meets a grenade

Hi. Did you miss us?

Okay, here’s the short version: we moved to a virtual private server that sadly wasn’t as stable for us as the shared hosting we were (and are now back) on. It seemed like a perfectly wonderful idea at the time, is all I can say.

I’ll be posting a longer version filled with as much technical garbage as I can muster over on my personal blog. The first bit of it is already up here.

For right now, I think we’re back in business. If you’re seeing this message before I e-mailed you (like you might have seen on the error page) then that’s because I’m still waiting for our ISP to tell me that some router maintenance is done before I actually start yelling from the mountaintops that we’re back in business. Because I know how my life goes–I announce we’re fine too early and I will be “shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.”

So keep your fingers crossed. 32 Days of Halloween will resume in just a bit and we’ll need to make up for lost time. Thanks to everyone who offered their support during this excruciating pain-in-the-ass outage. I actually went outside and saw sunlight. Oh, the horror, the horror…