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Norwegian Man vs. Local Government Over Barn Full of Goblins

Come on, Jareth, time for a hoedown!

That’s right: not wanting to piss off the “underworld creatures” who have taken up residence in his condemned barn, a Norwegian man is refusing to tear the structure down despite the local government ordering him to do so. In fact, he’s been standing firm and not smacking the place for going on two years.

Call me crazy: but wouldn’t you love to see Judge Wapner tackle this one? Don’t we need a paranormal reality TV court show? Wouldn’t that be awesome? “So let me get this straight: you’re suing the medium for giving you the wrong information about the family inheritance from your dead aunt…and the medium is countersuing you and your deceased aunt?”

You’d watch the hell out of that: admit it.

Found via Fortean Times.