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Headsup: The Satellite of Love and The Big Green Angry Guy

Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Movie DVD Cover Art
Kirby Five-Oh!: Celebrating 50 Years Of The King Of Comics Cover Art

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of MST3K around here. We’ve spent a long time condemning truly shit films to limbo since when we say “Wait for MST3K,” we know that they’re never going to get around to doing them. (Rifftrax might. Or the Film Crew. We suppose if you had to watch one of the films we’ve labeled to wait for MST3K, then that’s better than nothing.) But still. This Universal release of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie finally replaces the ten-year-old out of print Image Entertainment release. There’s no special features, but if you’re a fan of the show (and of course, you are), then you need to add this to your collection. Because the guys vs. This Island Earth is something to behold. (Click here to buy it from Amazon.)

I know we harp on TwoMorrows all the time, but there’s a reason: all you have to do is look at the care with which they treat the fifty-year span of Jack Kirby‘s career in Kirby Five-Oh. This oversized book has a slew of fifties: the 50 Best Kirby Stories, the 50 Best Kirby Covers, the 50 Best Examples of Unused Kirby Art, the 50 best Kirby character designs, 50 people influenced by Kirby, a 50 page gallery of Kirby art, and a never before seen Superman cover inked by Darwyn Cooke. Are they thorough? They remembered Giganto the mutant whale as one of his best designed characters. How cool is that? Plus a color section of photos, art and designs. It’s Kirbypalooza, folks. Gotta love it. (Click here to buy it from TwoMorrows.)

Incredible Hulk: The Complete Third Season DVD cover art
The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Fourth Season

[ad#longpost]The entirety of the series is almost on DVD–just the truncated fifth season to go. And with the new movie coming, it was a good bet that Universal would throw a couple more seasons of The Incredible Hulk out there, and we’re pleased. Because this is what we grew up watching: Bill Bixby as David Banner, going solo and trying to solve his big green issue. The third season has all twenty-three episodes plus a retrospective featurette. The fourth season has eighteen episodes across four discs. It has a featurette on the creation of the Hulk as a character for television (makeup and such), plus an audio commentary on the “Prometheus” episode two-parter. Both sets have the obligatory behind the scenes bit for the new film as well. If you liked the show, then you might want to snag these, although it looks like Sci-Fi is airing the whole series leading up the film’s release. There probably won’t be a better version on DVD released, that’s for sure. Oh, and if you haven’t figured it out they both have “collectible lenticular packages.” (Click here to buy Season 3, and click here to buy Season 4, both from Amazon.)