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Excluding Press Releases From Regular Feed

Hi. A bit of stepping out from behind the curtain here. We’ve got a press release section which we keep off the front page because it’s just not front page stuff. You know, unless we make it front page stuff. Anyway, after moving to WordPress 2.3 the tool that we used to keep the wall between regular content and press release content wasn’t supported anymore. I think we may have a replacement now, so this post is partly to let you feedreaders know that we’re not trying to bombard you with that stuff on purpose, and partly as a test to see if the damn thing’s working. If it does work for what we need, I shall come back here and praise the plugin’s creator.

If it doesn’t work…we shall never speak of this again.

Update: No, instead of removing the Press Releases categories from the feed, it inexplicably removed all the posts from the last day. So no, that didn’t quite work. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.