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Diablo Ice From ThinkGeek

Diablo Ice Instant Energy Caffeinated Strips

ScottC wanted to make sure I saw these new tidbits from ThinkGeek. They’re just like breath strips but they’re caffeine strips. Pop them in your mouth, they dissolve, you get the Happy Stuff. As they explain:

The trouble with energy drinks is they go into your stomach. That might sound strange at first, but read on. When you imbibe an energy drink it has to go through your stomach before getting into your blood stream, which significantly slows down your rush. And we just can’t have that, now can we?

25mg of caffeine per strip, which means I would need to consume an entire pack of 18 before I would feel anything. But for those of you who are normal, you might appreciate them. You can snag them from ThinkGeek by clicking here.