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Win The Music of Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

The Music of Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition CD cover art

Okay, you same Star Wars maniacs who have been entering our Kotobukiya Luke vs. Vader contest–listen up–because our friends at Sony have offered up a copy of the 30th Anniversary The Music of Star Wars Collector’s Edition for you to win. It’s an eight-disc set that lists for about US$90.

“Eight discs?” you might well ask. Yes. Each of the original (and only, dammit, the only) trilogy films gets their own two-disc soundtrack bit, mastered from their Expanded Editions. It says that each of them are “housed in a gatefold mini-jacket that is a scale reproduction of the original LP cover art.”

As for the next two discs, here’s what they tell us:

The seventh CD is Star Wars: The Corellian Edition. This is a collection of the most popular Star Wars themes from all six episodes – on one CD, for the first time. The new recording takes its name from the Corellian System, a fictional group of “core worlds” at the heart of the Star Wars galaxy. The 13-track Corellian Edition CD can be purchased separately. (The stand-alone version, housed in a single jewel case, became available in stores October 2, 2007. Its track lists and credits are printed on a newly designed six-panel, fold-out mini-poster.)

The eighth CD in the premium box set is a CD-ROM. Its digital artwork files faithfully reproduce all of the inserts – including gatefolds and posters – that were packaged with the original LP vinyl recordings of the themes from Star Wars Episodes IV, V and VI.

This set also comes with:

  • An exclusive new 15″ x 15″ fold-out poster celebrating Episodes IV, V and VI;
  • Three collectible 4″ x 4″ stickers, each featuring a four-color reproduction of the CD cover from the Expanded Edition soundtrack of one of these episodes;
  • New notes on the history of the first Star Wars soundtrack; and
  • Track lists and credits for the CDs.

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