Rob Levy returns to give you more music worth listening to. And like Shake and Bake, I helped. If you like what you hear and want to snag a copy, please buy the selections from Amazon through us. We get kickbacks and it helps pay for stuff like spare car batteries. And pie.

The Drums self-titled Rodrigo y Gabriela 11:11 Divine Comedy: Bang Goes the Knighthood

We kick off with a track from The Drums' full-length album titled, oddly enough, The Drums. It's "Forever and Ever, Amen."

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The album is available from Amazon as an MP3 download. You can snag it here.

Next, is my pick for this week--from Rodrigo y Gabriela, who we've brought to your attention before. Here's "Hanuman" from their latest album, 11:11. And at no point do their fingers leave their hands.

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Lastly, Rob informs us that The Divine Comedy has returned with a new album, Bang Goes the Knighthood. Here he is (Divine Comedy Neil Hannon, not Rob, that is), playing a pair of songs from the album, "Neapolitan Girl" and the title track.

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