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Cloverfield Model Shots Done on the Cheap in Swedish Apartment!

Post-apocalyptic city in a Swedish apartment

Okay, no, sorry, I’m lying again. Although that’s the first thing I thought of when BLDG BLOG made us aware of a bunch of pics–they’re of a post-apocalyptic metropolis, built in three rooms in an apartment in Sweden (that part I wasn’t fibbing about). Fifty of the buildings. And not only do they look badass, but as Geoff points out, the wallpaper they’ve got up that’s like a matte painting to fill out more of the city is pretty choice as well.

Is this for the coolest Lionel train setup in the world? Close. It was…

“funded by Swedish company Popcore,” to a creative design by Mats Sahlström, and it was “built by Warhammer 40K players and students of Nordiska Scenografiskolan (Nordic Set Design school) in SkellefteÃ¥, Sweden.” They built for a music video by Strata.

The album by Strata, we’re told here, is called Strata Presents The End of the World. Am I the only one dying to see the video that uses these models now? Didn’t think so.