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Colors Are Overrated Digest #5

Lisa Snellings-Clark: 'Sigh.  Yes, it was black.'

  • While it’s true that Lisa Snellings-Clark‘s latest item isn’t exactly full-on black, “Sigh. Yes, It Was Black” has the spirit of black to it. So it qualifies.
  • The Emperor workstation/chair is ridiculously cool. And it’s a nice example of why black is important. That chair simply wouldn’t look as impressive/daunting if it were, say, white. Or orange. Although if pink, all it would need is a Hello Kitty logo on the back and it would probably sell like mad. And actually, probably already does in Japan.
  • Sometimes, there’s just too much in the way of good shirts. And as much as I love Buddy Cthulhu, I might have to go with this one once it gets reprinted.
  • J!nx is back with another shirt that combines gaming and energy drinks for a one-two geek punch.
  • And speaking of good shirts, Last Exit to Nowhere returns to torment me by teasing us with our doom.
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