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13 Days of Xmas – Day 7: Special Delivery!

Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special

Today is all about Christmas specials. But not just any specials, no no. The special specials. I’ve nabbed a trio of them for you.

Case in point is our first one: The Star Wars Holiday Special, probably the most infamous of them all. Luckily for you, though, somebody’s taken it and shrunk it down to five minutes. Trust me, it’s much better digested in this form than in the original long form. Je-sus. Check out the Wikipedia article for more info if you need it.

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Found via Check The Cool Wax.

Next, we get to see Andrew Bryniarski in fine form as Lobo. Bryniarksi is known for playing heavies like Zangief and, you know, the new Leatherface, but the good news is he’s really a nice guy in real life. But the role he was born for is the ultimate not-nice guy. The Main Man. Lobo. Watch this and tell me he’s not the embodiment of the Last Czarnian.

BTW, NSFW for some violence and profanity. So shut the office door and put on headphones.

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And last but definitely not least here’s the special Christmas Bumper Edition of Never Mind the Buzzcocks, the brilliant British music panel show currently hosted by Simon Amstell, with Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey as team captains. I won’t say much else. I didn’t get prepped before I sat down to watch my first episode of this show. So try and hang on as best you can.

Panel shows. We don’t get those on this side of the pond. And it makes me sad.

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  • During those five minutes of the Star Wars special, I seriously considered eating my own face. Two hours would be unbearable.

    Good thing you’ve got a bit of Buzzcocks. I love that show so much.

    Love the site. Cheers!

  • Mandy: Thanks for commenting. Yes, I’m fairly certain that the original draft of Thomas Harris’ Hannibal had the bad guy feeding people to the Star Wars Holiday Special and not pigs.

    Of course, the original draft of Hannibal probably sucked a lot less too. So. Cheers back atcha!