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How to Gauge Your Local Starbucks Saturation

Starbucks Saturation for Atlanta GA

In a fascinating display of information that you had no idea you would ever want to know but now that it’s available you’re going to crap away ten minutes of your life (at least) playing with the info-tool, Foodio54 has got a Starbucks Saturation Tool that will tell you just how much Starbucks coverage you have in your area.

Since I live in the Atlanta area (and commute to Coast City, Iowa for our Needcoffee staff meetings) I see that there’s a Starbucks every 1.31 square miles in the 30324 Atlanta zip code and one for every 5079 people. Click here for the full embiggened chart. Charts are fun. Everything looks more impressive on a chart. Just ask Dave Gorman.

Granted, flipping through the comments on Starbucks Gossip (which is where we found this), it appears that this appears to count only free-range stores (not inside a Kroger, for example, or a Barnes & Noble) and only goes on the number of people who live in the area, not work in the area as well. So your caffeination may vary.

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