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DJ Earworm’s 2007 Uber-Mashup

DJ Earworm

The great thing about mashups is that I find myself listening to music when it’s part of a hybrid that I wouldn’t go near otherwise. I mean, honestly, slamming Destiny’s Child vocals on top of Nirvana’s music is about the only way to get Destiny’s Child near my iPod.

And DJ Earworm is one of the mashup artists that I greatly enjoy, and have ever since I found he had mashed together The Beatles, The Scissor Sisters, Aretha and George Michael…and it worked. Mashing together four songs and having it click is hard–our own resident DJ B-Naut has stated as much to me before–but now Earworm has gone apeshit.

He’s taken the Top 25 songs according to Billboard magazine and made a single mashup out of them. Now I don’t know what you think, but I don’t listen to radio anymore, so for me this is probably the best way to take in the state of the union of music in 2007–all at once and in about five minutes. Check it out here.

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