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A True “Power Suit”

Japanese robotic exoskeleton for farmers

Roboticists at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have unveiled an exoskeleton that will aid farmers out in the back 40. A farmer can now pick bigger bags of manure as well as pick strawberries easier and prune bigger fruit tree branches. The retail version of the power suit will weigh about 20 pounds and cost about $2,000.

This is all very cool. However what’s odd is in all the articles I read is what none of them mentioned. Mecha. Not one mention of Gundam, Escaflowne, not even Voltron. Come on, it came out of Japan, the home of big fucking robots beating the shit out of each other. What are they teaching in the schools these days?

Of course, we may have to settle for a regular old exoskeleton. Still, they could be quite useful.

And still deliver plenty of the old ultra-violence.

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