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Horror Drunx: A Forty For the Fallen

Mortimer A. London and Pigpen have a drink at Elm Street

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while: the Horror Drunx. These guys have chapters internationally, and they are dedicated to going and finding sites that are significant to the world of horror movies. Once found, pictures must be taken of the Drunx partaking of a 40 oz. alcoholic beverage in the middle of the day. Whether illegal or immoral or whatever, this is their quest.

And damn, but they’ve got some good pics over at head burrito Mortimer A. London’s MySpace. The one we have here is a snippet of Mort and his compatriot Pigpen drinking in front of the Nightmare on Elm Street house.

Admittedly, my favorite has the best caption you’ll see this week. As Mortimer swigs over Bela Lugosi’s resting place: “Mort rocking a 40 over Dracula’s grave.” Nice.

For those without MySpace access, here’s where you can find an interview with Mort and the 40-rocking pic in question.