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Tax Time: Sad But True

TurboTax is Easy, Free Edition, Fast Refund

Our American readers know that with the onset of another year comes another round of W-2s, 1099s, 1040s and all manner of paperwork that takes our money and gives it to the government so they can waste/lose vast amounts of it. The old saying about death and taxes is true, so we shan’t bitch more about it, because that’s pointless.

What we will point out is that while part of the American way is to shovel money at the government, the other part of the American way is to look on the bright side even when things are crap. So it is in this spirit that we let you know that we’re now affiliates of TurboTax. If you’re going to buy TurboTax or snag it online, then you can do so here and we get kickbacks. Hell, we even get kickbacks if you file your taxes online with them for free.

So while none of us are happy about the time wasted between now and April 15th, at least we can make the most of it and spread some money around between ourselves, yes? Yes.