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Monty Python and The Holy Lego Minifigs

King Arthur Lego Minifig by Armothe

I’m always impressed by people who take toys of all kinds and then do customized jobs on them. But Lego apparently has an entire movement of DIYers that do all kinds of crazy, funny, cool shit with them. Me, I’m lucky to be able to fit two of the little bricks together. So.

Anyway, one of the most recent bits to catch my eye is Armothe, who created a bunch of Holy Grail minifigs, including King Arthur (pictured). You can check out his Flickr photostream here.

There’s no “But I’m not dead!” deluxe playset yet, but I’m sure it’s coming.

And yes, this is quite a bit more customized than the last Holy Grail Lego bit we posted. But with less narrative.

Found via The Brothers Brick.

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