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New Search Bits and a Call For Another

Ignore me!

Okay, sorry for the dearth of posts this weekend but as you can see I’ve reworked the sidebar there, now with improved search bits. You can search the Web, the site, Amazon and eBay without leaving the comfort of…well, um…any page on the site. And when you do, you’re supporting the site, because Amazon and eBay searches there should give us kickbacks if you ultimately buy something.

And there’s a link to our Extreme Cafepress Store, since the link was a bit buried admittedly. Now it’s front and center. So if you want some of our insane shirts, here’s your chance. Be our billboard today.

And–I’ve been killing myself trying to make a Firefox search plugin. But I am an English Major and should not be allowed to code. Because the goddamn thing keeps saying it can’t download the file even though it’s right where it’s supposed to be. So. Here’s my offer…

1. I need a search plugin that will use Google to search the site.
2. I need the code necessary so that people can see an option to add it from the Search Box in Firefox.
3. I need it to be of the OpenSearch standard so it will work on IE and Firefox and not just the .src file or whatever it was that was before OpenSearch.
4. I need setting this up to be idiot-proof and for the whole thing to just freaking work.
5. And I don’t want people to tell me how to do this or send me to some quick and dirty website that will do it for me. I’ve tried those. I am obviously a better idiot than they are idiot proof tools. So if that’s your answer, I will scoff at you. I want a solution with a bow on it.

Whoever can help me get to end of job on that gets a $30 Amazon gift certificate from yours truly. That will at least get you the DVD of your choice. And you freaks out there can probably do it in five minutes or something like that. So it’ll be the easiest $30 you make this week. Contact me at widge sucks at need coffee dot com if you’re interested.

Update: Done! Details forthcoming.