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Own Your Own Lost in Space Robot

Lost in Space Robot

This is unbelievably cool. And like most things truly geekgasmic, it’s beyond the expense account of most of us. So I highly recommend going to the B9 Creations website and drooling to your heart’s content: but the gist is this. For the low, low price of $24.5K, you too can own your own Lost in Space robot. Look at the army of them.

Now, blah blah blah, I know, whoopee, it looks like the robot.

But no. The list of features is impressive. It’s got a sound system. It’s got vocal samples recorded by Richard Tufeld, who voiced the original. It’s animated. It’s motorized. And if that wasn’t enough, you can make you friends crap their pants with this:

A 5 button key chain remote control allow you to discretely activate the Robot. Functions include turning the Robot’s torso left/right, directing the Robot’s voice to respond “Affirmative/Negative”, activating the Robot’s soil sampling sequence.

“I’ll just hang my coat on this robot in your foyer and–GAHHHH!!!! WTF??!???”

You know you’d buy it just to do that to one of your friends. And, more to the point, you’ve already picked out the most likely target among your crew. I know how you maniacs work. Because I’m one of you.

Go check it out here. It’s pretty damn amazing.

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