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John Landis on The Fall of the Roman Empire

I know this is a while back on the Trailers From Hell, but there’s just something about the sheer glee Landis has in talking about this epic bad movie that gives me great joy. Which is one of the human emotions promised in this trailer–so I guess that’s a win.

And now I can’t wait to see the film either…but it doesn’t appear to be in print anywhere, much less in Region 1? Shame.

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  • Funny thing is I referenced Gladiator in response to the There Will Be Blood post before I watched this. But now I’m coming back, and I just like the distinction it draws up, and the correlation I might make (allow me):

    Landis seems infatuated with the fact that the sets are “real” (or at least: recreated) even though the movie is terrible.

    But the Scott flick–I don’t care how CG it is. It rocked awesome all over the place.

    And I’ve never seen the former, so I can’t confirm or deny Landis’ assertion that Plummer is the better actor (than Joaquin Phoenix), but the moment I saw Plummer, my first thought was: “I’m vexed.” And I don’t think I’d superimpose Plummer’s performance over Phoenix’s in the same way.

    Of course I know it’s comparing apples to wolverines, ultimately, but it ultimately, I think, draws out the exact earlier point:

    It’s not the size of your epic, but motives of your characters.