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He’s a Lumberjack. And He’s a Bear. And They’re Both Okay.

Architect Duel

Every once in a while, we get something around here that is just so goddamn weird, there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, we could possibly add to it. Oh sure, you could set something on fire. Or toss in some penguins. Or set some penguins on fire then toss them in. But you don’t. Because the item in question has achieved a kind of whacked out nirvana all on its own.

Case in point: There’s an architect duel in New York City tonight. Where the combatants are competing “on stage in a live model building competition set inside the Alaska Wilderness, circa 2029 AD. That’s the FUTURE. Free drinks too.” The audience is asked to come dressed as lumberjacks or bears.

See? I didn’t have to do a thing. That’s just zen right there.

Found via Gridskipper.