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Hitler Does Not Want a Wii

NewTeeVee recently posted a look at a new video meme: re-subtitling a scene from Downfall, in which Hitler (portrayed by the amazing Bruno Ganz) flips the hell out when he realizes just how screwed the Third Reich actually is. Instead, the new subtitles have him going off about football, the fall of HD-DVD, and even his Xbox Live account.

Here’s a snippet:

Seeing history’s leading megalomaniac strangely humanized in a road rage-esque outburst puts the world’s important figures in a humbler light. Conversely, it puts the frivolities of modern day drama and format wars in an appropriately cowing context.

I would agree. And nothing pisses off evil people worse than laughing at them. So…

(Psst. NSFW for the subtitles. They’re bluish.)

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