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The WGA Strike: Is the Nightmare Over?

Is Our TV Coming Back?It appears to be just about a done deal–as the Writers Guild of America have theoretically come to terms with the AMPTP (AKA: the major studios and producers). The agreed upon terms are coming to a vote to the union at large on Tuesday. That means if the union votes the new settlement in, the writers would go back to work on Wednesday.

But, dear reader, what does this mean for you? Will Scrubs get a proper finale? When is 24 coming back? And will I finally post something about a television show that doesn’t air in the UK?

Some of your answers are coming after the break….

Should the writers at large vote in the new agreement, shows could go back into production as early as March in the hopes cranking out four to ten new episodes of selected shows for the all important May Sweeps.

Which shows, you ask? Here’s brief status check of some the programs that we’ve been asked about during the strike–keep in mind much of this is a tentative estimate:

  • 24– Don’t expect the series back until fall at the earliest. But winter of 2009 is your safest bet.
  • 30 Rock – Shooting for at least five new episodes for April/May. Pray for Season Three.
  • Battlestar Galactica– Ten episodes of the show’s final season are set to air in April on Sci Fi, with the production on the final ten episodes beginning once the strike gets settled. Airdate for those episodes has yet to be announced, but think 2009 and try not to be surprised.
  • Life On Mars– the dreaded David E Kelley American remix of the Brit hit finished filming its pilot during the strike. ABC has yet to decide if it will go to series.
  • Burn Notice– Filming on Season Two resumes in April. USA could air it as early July.
  • The Riches– FX trimmed the second season to the seven episodes which were completed before the stike, and those should air in April. Pray for Season Three.
  • Heroes– Done for the season. The Origins project still isn’t happening. Pray for season three, but also pray it doesn’t become a Sci Fi Original Series.
  • Law & Order: SVU– Show may go back into production in March, but word is that’s for next season. Sorry, Scott.
  • Lost-Show may go back into production in March for reportedly six episodes, however its not yet clear when those will air.
  • Reaper– Three pre-strike episodes remain unaired. Pray for Season Two.
  • Scrubs– Good news: There will be a finale. Bad News: It might go to DVD. Stay tuned.
  • The entire CSI franchise is returning for at least five episodes. The Carusobot was not damaged in storage. Unfortunately.
  • Supernatural– This one’s for you, Leigh. Two pre-strike episodes remain, at least three more will be produced.

The kids over at TV Guide have a complete list here.