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Further Thoughts On The Raising Of A Evil Genius

Mr SmugAss

I was with Joseph, the future Evil Genius, and his parents the other day. Sharon was reading a book to him about the noises various barnyard animals make. You know, quack quack, moo moo, etc. It occurred to me that the closest my young friend was going to get to these animals was the meat department at Publix. This is not a new notion; it was most recently expressed by the renowned author Terry Pratchett. Children need to be aware of our modern world, for good or ill. Forewarned is to be forearmed, especially if you’re going to be a Science Villain.

Fortunately, Christopher Bird of has reworked, nay re-imagined a classic children’s book series to prepare this generation for the sheer weirdness that modern Western culture. Parents, it is never too early to develop a child’s sense of the ridiculous.

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