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Not Going in Costume? You Can At Least Go in Character…

Slaughtered Lamb t-shirt design from Last Exit to Nowhere

I know how you feel. When I get into costume it’s as a zombie and normally takes a shitload of time to get made up. Not to mention if I do up the zombieness properly I’ve got makeup on my hands and get paranoid about, you know, sitting on the couch at your Halloween party. That’s the benefit of having two personas. I can just have one dress up as the other. Bingo, a costume.

But if you want to wear a shirt that’s sure to spark conversations at any Halloween party, I would remind you of Last Exit to Nowhere. I’ve praised them. Scott’s praised them. They have kickass shirts based on your favorite films and such. Pictured is taken from An American Werewolf in London. I bought the Amity Island PD shirt for Cosette to wear when she went to swim with whale sharks. Is good stuff and I can vouch for them.

Find all their stuff here.