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Shaun Of The Free

One of main tenets of The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks (or as Widge calls it, The Bible) is to be aware and alert to your surroundings. Quoting from the book:

For whatever reason, never let your guard down. The undead could be anywhere, their sounds muffled, their signs ignored. No matter how safe the area seems, be alert, be alert, be alert!

Sage advice. Not only will it keep you from becoming zombie chow, it can also get you free shit.

I happened to be watching Shootout, an AMC interview show. It was recording at Comic-Con and they had on Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. Now watch this clip and see if you catch it:

Yes, Simon Pegg is wearing the WGON-TV t-shirt from Last Exit To Nowhere. We at Needcoffee have featured their products and our undisguised lust from them before. I figured that they would appreciate the irony of ‘Shaun’ wearing something from Dawn of the Dead. So I hit the old Google, found this pic and sent it along to them.

Simon Pegg Wearing WGON TV Tshirt

Not only did they post it and mention me by name, they’re sending me a free T-shirt. Considering the state of the US dollar at this time, that is nothing to sneeze at. So remember, stay vigilant.

P.S. I got this one.