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Win Resident Evil: Extinction on Region 2 Blu-Ray DVD!

Resident Evil: Extinction Region 2 Blu-Ray DVD cover art

That’s right, folks. Double duty–win it on DVD or win it on Blu-Ray DVD. And these are both Region 2, so they’re open to a good chunk of the world’s citizens. And we want all of them to visit us here.

Well, I’ve already talked about how the first film wounded me terribly even though Milla vs. The Zombies is a great notion just on its own. But adding Ali Larter from Heroes to the cast of zed-kickers doesn’t hurt things.

On this release, you get pretty much the same as the regular edition: deleted scenes; a sneak peek at Degeneration, the CG-animated feature; an audio commentary with scribe Paul W.S. Anderson and his fellow producer Jeremy Bolt; and a mini-slew of making-of featurettes–but there is, from what I can tell, one featurette exclusive to the Blu-Ray.

Make sure you check out the official site here.

This is a Region 2 PAL DVD. If you don’t know what that means, you might want to check this out and perhaps this out before you enter. But that’s right…we are accepting entries from any country that is officially considered Region 2 plus the usual suspects of the U.S. and Canada. Plus it’s Blu-Ray to boot. So know what you’re trying to win.

Anyway, if you win a copy of this and you get it in the mail and you realize, for example, that you live in Kansas and don’t own a Region 2-capable player or the ability to play stuff that’s PAL video (or Blu-Ray), we will tolerate no whining. In fact, we will openly mock you.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing.

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