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Happy T-Day

Mr. T Day

That’s right. You heard the man. It’s T-Day. What does that mean?

It means the man has a new graphic novel coming out. Find out more about it here.

Here’s the cover:

Mr. T graphic novel cover art

Let’s take a closer look at those characters, shall we?

Mr. T: The Heroes

Yes, that’s Mr. T in a costume with a big T on his chest.

And wouldn’t it be awesome if that was Hawkeye during the time he spent dead between Avengers Misremembered and House of aneMic?

Mr. T: The Villains

In back there is the evil Pailhead.

And we have color-coded ninjas. It’s like Garanimals for Ninjas, I guess.

And then there’s Angry Lumberjack. “That’s right! He’s a lumberjack! And he’s NOT okay!” Either that or the villain’s name is Paul Bunyan. Would that make the big blue ninja Babe?

So let’s summarize: Mr. T in costume alongside an archer and a possible Jakita Wagner analog versus ninjas, a dude in armor and a guy who looks like Groundskeeper Willie after he was exposed to gamma rays. Is there any universe in which this combination does not rock balls? I should say not.