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U.S. to Get “Spaced,” Both Versions; Pegg Pissed

Simon Pegg, displeased

The good news is that Spaced, the series that gave us all kinds of cool stuff, like Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright, Nick Frost, Jessica Stevenson and scads more, is finally making its way to Region 1 DVD. MTV reports that Edgar Wright told them that July 23rd is the date. Not available for pre-order on Amazon yet, but we’ll let you know, in the vain hope you’ll buy it through here so we can keep ourselves in espresso.

But all isn’t the best of news: there’s going to be a U.S. version of Spaced. Fox is doing it and while the creators not being involved is one thing (because as Simon explained they signed away their rights), I’m just sort of pissed that Stevenson (now Hynes) was left out of it, because she was one of the creators. Just another example of something really simple pissing a bunch of people off.

Personally, I don’t have a dog in this fight because I don’t watch American television anyway. And if Wright, Pegg and Hynes stood to make some coin off of it, then I would root for the show’s success. But at this point, I just figure the DVD of the original is the safest. And damn, it’s funny. (Don’t believe me? Watch the first episode.)

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