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Pontiac Meets Spy Hunter

Nice. If I could pick one arcade game to have…wait, no that would be Assault, even though nobody remembers that tank game.

Um, no, if I could pick one sit-down arcade game to have…it would be Spy Hunter. Because the stand-up version was hell on your ankle.

So now the Pontiac brand has decided to put themselves into the game. Surely this can’t be the first car to do so. Although every time I see one of those butt-ugly Chrysler 300Cs, they just remind me of the burly armored cars that try to shove you off the road in this game.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

And by the way, the movie version is still in nowhere land, although I understand this commercial is going to air on March 16th, and if it blows up, then maybe the project will get some traction that way. Yes, Hollywood works like that. No, you don’t want to understand.

Found at Jalopnik. Thanks to King Loo for the headsup.

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