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Headsup Car Freaks: Top Gear to Tour

Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, the presenters of BBC

Top Gear, everyone’s favorite show about cars–not to mention stunts involving cars, explosions involving cars, and nearly illegal crazy shit involving cars–is going on tour and will hit fifteen countries before it’s done. The tour will take place over the next eighteen months. But not so fast–the three original presenters who are near and dear to everyone’s hearts–James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy “This is rubbish, let’s blow it to pieces” Clarkson–are expected to do the British dates. But no word on them taking it on the international roads.

Which makes sense. Since there’s an American version in the works, do they really want to tease those of us on this side of the pond with the real deal when we’re already filled with fear as to what a dumbed down U.S. version will be like? (Which begs the question–if you could pick the U.S. presenters and couldn’t use the original three, who would you be happy with?) Of course, there’s not even an American stop ont he tour scheduled yet, so…who knows?

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  • I am not a driver but I love this show. The only way I can see an American version to work is to host it on cable. Cable Television shows we like such as Mythbusters can have oddball hosts. The charm of Top Gear are the hosts .