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Win Don’t Forget the Motor City


Okay, so classic Motown artists. We’re talking The Supremes, The Miracles, Mary Wells, Martha Reeves, Billy Preston and tons more. This is a three-disc set of a hundred videos of their performances. See the full list of videos here, because it’s just too many to list.

Now, I obviously haven’t watched all hundred vids, but from what I’ve seen this appears to be The Supremes post-Diana, for example. And these look to be videos that were shot either in a studio recording session or are television appearances. The studio recording sessions feature wacky puffball sparkly things and lots of weird screen effects that make me think that they weren’t added for this release–they were there for whatever these were first made for. I wish there were years on the videos so we could tell when they were shot, but I’m thinking the 70s, maybe early 80s. But I’m sure a Motownologist could watch this and tell right off the bat. But my fu isn’t as strong when it comes to this era for these artists.

Regardless, this is out from MVD and we’ve got a copy here you can snag. So if you want to win it, get on it.

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