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Morbid Whimsy Live: A Trailer

As previously announced, I’m doing a live show June 4th in my hometown. The details are here. The show is called An Evening of Morbid Whimsy, Live. And the question on everyone’s lips is “What is Morbid Whimsy?” I recorded the following to help explain.

Direct link for the feedreaders.

Hope to see you there for the live show. Since I know our audience is scattered around the world, even if you’re far the hell away from there, just know you’re invited. I appreciate all of you very muchly.


  • Question: Will the live performance be recorded?

    If not… can you be bribed? If so, what is your price? And do you accept payment in the form of empty, vitamin supplement bottles?

  • I look forward to you presenting “Unsolved Fictitious Mysteries” in the future.